Our philosophy is this:  Put people in positions to succeed.  Consider: The best ‘pure’ dentist might never succeed in business should she be without equal facility in management.  But dentistry texts rarely cover the business aspects of a successful practice.  For you with your broken molar an insolvent dentist might be the best dentist.  

We cannot all be good at everything.  An artist can only be expected to produce  in art.  Similarly, speakers are at their best when they speak.  Our business is in helping speakers do what they do best, by taking from them those aspects of work that we do best, management.

  • We have ongoing relationships with bureaus, event and meeting planners

  • We negotiate contracts 

  • We make use of social media to best market our speakers.

  • We are "brand" aware.  We make sure speakers stay consistent with their message, and remain current.

  • We actively pursue avenues for advancement for our speakers.  We plan for "the critical mass."


Have you ever been in the position of having to hire someone?   It’s a challenge for any top recruiter.  Hundreds of resumes of prospective candidates fill your in-box, many with similar abilities. With so many applicants from which to choose how does an employer divine the ideal calculus for finding the right fit?  It’s akin to the tyranny of choice.  The stakes loom; an errant choice can put a firm back months, and an employer would have only himself to blame.  Ultimately, the decision becomes one of packaging.  The best candidates are those with the best packaging.  But ‘best’ is relative.  Like the line in Stairway to Heaven, not everything that glitters is gold.  


The Story

The role of The Bookman Agency and that of any employer is not all that dissimilar.  Our scope is that nexus between supply and demand.  Writ large, talent may be finite, but for a person of talent it is unfixed.  At The Bookman Agency, we actively work with some of the most talented speakers in the industry, and help them to refine their skills, to one day become worthy of a stage larger than they have ever played before.

I have always been fascinated with people.  As a kid I would often find myself deeply engrossed in the theatre of life, so much so that I often got caught staring at people.  It seems to me to a natural fit that I should find myself working in the entertainment industry as an adult.  No less engrossed by the theatricality of life now as when I was an adolescent, I started my career in the entertainment industry seven years ago at CMI Speaker Management, as an event planner.  My employer saw my passion for the industry and quickly promoted me to event manager, and finally Director of Customer Relations.  Some of the speakers on our roster that we helped represent were New York Times best-selling authors, Vince Poscente and Tim Sanders, and the group, the Passing Zone, who, in my opinion, are the best juggling and comedy act working today.
Later in my career, I worked at See Agency with Christa Haberstock, an authority in the corporate speaking and entertainment industry.  Working with Christa was like taking an accelerated Masters’ program in how to become a strong player in the entertainment industry.
This past year I worked as the Media Relations Coordinator for TEDxVictoria, where I was privileged to help select speaker rosters from 2013 to 2015, with whom I helped prepare for their presentations.  I had learned about the work of TEDx from years earlier when I encouraged some of our speakers to participate in some of the first TEDx talks in the U.S and Canada.
My experience to date has given me the basis of a strong foundation in the entertainment industry.  From my time at CMI Speaker Management, I have learned the importance of providing service.  I have learned to value the need to build strong personal connections with the people we serve and those we depend on, and the importance to provide for their needs in a timely, efficient manner.  I have to credit my time at See Agency for helping me refine my online marketing and sales skills, for which I was given confidence to extend my work into the community with such groups as TEDxVictoria.
I am no longer the wide-eyed boy of my youth.  I am now a fixture in an industry that I am able to serve, counsel and inform with proven models of success.  My foundation of skills has now become the basis of my latest venture in life, as part of the Bookman Agency, which I founded in 2013.  Named for my grandfather, Israel Bookman, my agency builds on the life philosophy that my grandfather lived. 
It has been important to me as long as I can remember to be a “mensch”, a good man.  A hard worker, and the longest serving pharmacist in Manitoba when he retired in his 80’s, my grandfather used to light up around people, especially children.  It was obvious when you were in his presence how deeply he cared for people.   

-The spirit of my grandfather permeates my vision for the Bookman Agency.